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Aglet Modula-2

ClytiePeek     Althea-banana

AgletM2PPC release v3.2 Beta.

A compiler generating native PPC code for Amiga OS4.
WIPIn Progress.
15-Feb-2012IDE new features
Compiler bugfixes and improvements
updated modules: IconSupport, HashT, PipeIO, MachineEnv, ArgsSupport.
5-Apr-2011update - bug fixes for compiler, REAL number libs. AmigaLibs updates.
28-Feb-2010update - bug fixes
16-Dec-2009update - the compiler now compiles itself (plus many other improvements)
26-Oct-2008update - IDE bugfix
10-Aug-2008update - documentation, IDE, support modules
29-May-2008first beta release
AgletM2PPC at OS4Depot
AgletM2PPC Documentation (PDF)


An AmigaGuide file maintenance utility
29-Sep-2014 - v1.0GUI improvements, more program settings, doc updates, bugfixes
14-Oct-2011 - v0.9SpellChecking, Iconify support, ENV variable, nice icon, bugfixes
5-Nov-2009 - v0.7Bugfix
15-Oct-2009 - v0.6Better PUBSCREEN handling, better default font handling
29-Sep-2009 - v0.5"Make Icons", "Auto Preview", and "Export as RTF" added.
Guidemaker at OS4Depot
GuideMaker Docs
GuideMaker Snapshot


A program to provide a logging window for multiple clients via an AOS named PIPE.
31-Mar-2008 - v0.1
LoggerWindow at OS4Depot

Capture Challenge

Capure Challange is a game for programmers based on the ACM Queue programming challenge of 2010. It provides the engine for a game of "capture the pucks" between two strategy programs running as separate processes. More details with the release soon, May 2011.

 CaptureContest at OS4Depot